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6 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Sep 29, 2021 | Activities, Parenting

Halloween is around the corner! Whether you were too busy to find a costume earlier, or your kid grew too fast and their costume doesn’t fit, or you have a picky little one who changed their mind…we’ve got you covered with these 6 easy last-minute costumes you can make with things you probably have at home!

  1. Jellyfish

How cool is this creative costume idea? Perfect for a rainy Halloween! Grab a clear dome umbrella and glue “tentacles” around the edge – these can be ribbon, streamers, even strips of plastic bags or bubble wrap! Mix up the textures and colors for the best result and add glow sticks or battery-powered string lights to stand out at night! Pair with an all-white outfit and get ready to wow the neighborhood!

(Costume from Good Housekeeping)


  1. Wind-Up Doll

It doesn’t get much easier than this costume! Cut a wind-up key shape from cardboard and paint it gold or silver, then dress your little one up in their fancy clothes. Use face paint or lipstick to add some rosy red cheeks and fasten the key to the back of their outfit – that’s the whole costume!

(Costume from DIY Network)


  1. Bunch of Grapes

Easy and fun! Dress your little one in a purple or green outfit and blow up a bunch of balloons to match. Carefully safety pin the ties of the balloons to your child’s outfit and finish with a green bow on a headband for the “stem.” Just beware of popping!

(Costume from Costume-Works)


  1. Rosie the Riveter

A classic costume for strong little girls! All you need is a blue button-up shirt, a red bandana, and a sassy attitude. Recreate the iconic pose for perfect Halloween pictures!

(Costume from Say Yes)


  1. Superman/Clark Kent

For the cutest little superhero in your life! Black pants, a white button-down shirt, a tie, and glasses make up the majority of this costume. Leave the shirt unbuttoned just enough to reveal the key detail – the Superman outfit under the disguise! No Superman shirt? No problem! Just print out the Superman logo and stick it to a blue shirt!

(Costume from Costume-Works)


  1. Black Cat

This is a staple Halloween costume for a reason – it’s super cute AND super easy to throw together last minute! An all-black outfit, a tail and ears, and black eyeliner for whiskers and a nose – that’s all you need! You can even make the accessories yourself: cut triangles from black paper and glue them to a headband for the ears, and pin a stuffed long black sock to your little one’s waistband for the tail!

(Costume from DIY Divas)



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