About us

Brass-n-Sassy is so much more than kids accessories!


Brass-n-Sassy was started out of Kim’s love for color and patterns in kids’ clothing. She was tired of seeing all the ducks and trucks in kids’ accessories and wanted products that both complemented children’s clothing and parent’s furnishings.

For the community

More than that though, Brass-n-Sassy came to life with the mission of  “Banding together to Make a Difference” – This is the reasoning for the 2 band aids around the “n“ in our name . 

We donate a portion of each product that we sell to help a needed charity. The charity changes annually. 


For the parents

Brass-n-Sassy takes the approach of wanting to appeal to the parents by relating with them on a level of having kids who are brave, assertive, sassy and stylish. Parents, while loving their children dearly, can relate on a level that kids can be sassy, challenging and make a mess. Brass-n-Sassy products help to give kids the freedom to eat, play, make a mess etc., while protecting your furniture, kids clothing and the floor in style!

For the kids

Colorful, comfortable bibs and play mats to keep kids excited and stylish amongst the other kids in town. Colors in fun patterns that every child will love. Keep up with your busy kids, even if their favorite colors change, their play mats won’t have to! Washable, wearable, ready for any sassy kid whether inside, outside or out and about. Be brave, be stylish, be Brass-n-Sassy.

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