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5 Fun Fall Craft Ideas for Kids

Sep 29, 2021 | Crafts

The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and Halloween is coming fast – it’s fall! Here are five fun seasonal craft ideas to keep the fun going all through the start of the school year:

  1. Handprint Turkeys

These little guys are perfect for Thanksgiving! All you need is colorful paper, googly eyes, scissors, glue, and a little hand to trace! Use a template to cut out the turkey’s body and features, then trace your child’s hand onto lots of different colored paper! Help your little one cut out the hand shapes and glue all the pieces together with the hand cutouts as the turkey’s tail feathers!

Full instructions and templates can be found on Simple Everyday Mom.


  1. Pumpkin Apple Stamps

The hardest part of this seasonal craft is making sure your kids don’t eat the apples before you’re done! You need paint, apples, paper, glue, and pipecleaners – prep the apples first by cutting them in half along the core! Then your little one can dip the cut side of the apple in orange paint and stamp it onto the paper! This can get messy, so protect your craft surface with your Brat Mat first! Decorate with googly eyes and pipecleaners – or use a marker to make fun jack-o-lantern faces!

Full instructions on Made to Be a Momma.


  1. Leaf Rubbings

This colorful activity gives you an excuse to explore the outdoors too! Take your little ones for a nature walk to collect leaves to use for this craft. Then add crayons and paper (regular printer paper is fine) and you’re ready to go! Place a piece of paper over a leaf with the vein side up and have your kids rub a crayon over the paper to create an imprint of the leaf’s texture – this works best when you remove the paper from the crayon so you can use the side. Test out different colours and leaves – this can provide hours of entertainment!

Full instructions at First Palette.


  1. TP Roll Hanging Bats

Save your TP rolls – they’re great for crafts like this one! Gather some paint, black and brown construction paper, googly eyes, glue, pipe cleaners, markers, and scissors to make these cute critters with your kiddos. Your kids can paint the tubes and use a template to trace out bat wings and ears. Help them glue the pieces together and make a funny face with the googly eyes and markers. Finally, bend the pipe cleaners to make feet for the bats to hang and let your little ones decorate for Halloween!

Full instructions at Buggy and Buddy.


  1. Monster Paper Bag Puppets

This is a great craft to clean out overflowing supplies! You need paper bags…and everything else! Colored paper, paint, markers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, felt, feathers…you can really use anything. Instruct your kids to make a monster puppet and let their imagination run wild. You can help with the details, like cutting out shapes. Use this activity to explore your little one’s knowledge of shape and color – have them describe their monster as it comes to life! Give their monster a personality and put on a puppet show when you’re done!

Full instructions at I Heart Crafty Things.



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