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Organizational tips for parents

Organizational Tips for Parents Who Want a More Functional Household

Jun 30, 2021 | Parenting

There are so many life-hacks your family can take advantage of for a more functional life in your beautiful home! We have listed some of our favorites below to assist with some of your parent or family organizational struggles.

  • Ice cube trays are great for organizing small items!
  • Add extra bins in your fridge for more organized food storage. Clear plastic ones are the best, no labels required with all that beautiful fruit and veggies in plain sight!
  • Menu planners are a great way to keep your meals organized and create less food waste!
  • A list pad is a kitchen must! It helps your family write down items that maybe they like or use regularly that need replacement. This means you can make sure all your family’s favorite foods are stocked up! All you need is a Bib and you’re ready to eat.
  • Keep a clipboard on top of your fridge with a written inventory of your frozen meals! Knowing what is in your freezer will help you use it, and less waste is better both for the environment and your budget!
  • Declutter your kitchen countertop by hanging cooking utensils
  • Make separate labels containers in your medicine cabinet for pet, child, and parent medications. This makes sure you are giving the right person the right thing.
  • Trash bags are usually less expensive per bag when bought in bulk. Buy your garbage bags on a large roll and hang them under your sink so they are easier to grab (and more friendly on your wallet!).
  • Baskets are a great way to organize larger items like toys. 
  • Use crates to create storage walls by screwing them into the wall. These can be a colorful addition to your room (and a great way to give every item its ‘place’)
  • Recipes can be sorted and stored in a three-ring binder for safe keeping.
  • Dish-drainers can be a wonderful way to organize filing folders and small office supplies
  • Baskets to hold shoes are a wonderful way to clear clutter around your front door!
  • Does your family collect anything? Mason jars are a beautiful way to keep and display collections and small items that your family cherishes!
  • Old coffee containers of various sizes are a visually appealing way to hold many bulk pantry goods! Use them to hold tea bags, flour, sugar, and make these items more accessible (and less of a mess when your kids tear through to use them!
  • Over the door hangers are great to use for more than just shoes! Handy for small to medium sized items. An over the door hanger can organize your bathroom necessities, hair tools, and makeup items! Just put it in a closet in or close to your bathroom for easy use. Need a way to better organize your family’s outdoor accessories? This is also a great tool to store hats, scarves, and gloves! Just put one in your entranceway closet!
  • Purchase a heavy-duty magnet that will stick to your fridge through multi-page documents. This is a great way to hold your kid’s homework up, and a good way to keep it visually present for them (and maybe you) to remind them!
  • An ottoman in your living room is a comfy visually appealing solution to store (and hide) blankets, pillows, games, Brat mats etc.!

Did you see any tips you have not tried yet at home? Why don’t you give a few of these tips a try and see how they improve your family’s organization!


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