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Crafts to do with an Infant Under One!

Jun 17, 2021 | Child Development, Crafts

One thing I’ve learned through parenting is that you’re never too young to get creative! Your little ones love to play, explore, and express themselves. They may not be able to through big, long words just yet, but they can through arts and crafts! Here are our top crafts to do with your infant under one! Is your young one a little older? No worries! These can be fun for infants of other ages too!

8 Arts and Crafts Activities To Do With Your Infant!

  1. Do-it-yourself Scented Rainbow Bubbles

Homemade bubble recipes are not only easy to make, but you can even adjust the color for extra visual floating fun! Change the scent with natural aromas for an even more magical experience!

  1. Edible Playdough

A little different from the Play-Doh we all know and love. There are lots of homemade recipes out there that are safe for small tummies!!

  1. Colored Rice Art

Cooking a large pot of rice, separate into smaller containers for different colors (dyed with edible safe dye!). Your young one can experiment with the sensory experience of playing with the pretty rice – squishing it, rolling it, separating the colors, and mixing them all together in one wonderful mess! There is so much to do with the 3D experience of Rice Art! Hide toys to find in the containers for an extra special time! Be sure you lay down a large sheet or Brat Mat to make sure this mess stays maintained! 

  1. Stamped Apple Art

Grab a sheet of paper, hand your little one half an apple dipped in edible-safe paint, and watch a masterpiece be created! 

  1. Felt Crown

Make your princess a simple circle crown made from felt! This will not scratch your baby’s soft sensitive head, and you both can decorate them to make it even more magical!

  1. Shaving Cream Clouds

Super easy to make and even more fun to smear this colorful mess on bathroom walls and in the tub! Add shaving cream in a cup, add some food coloring, and start smearing your messy masterpiece!

  1. Home-Made Sidewalk Chalk

There are tons of recipes online for fun, safe, and super messy liquid sidewalk chalk! Easy to use, spread, and wash away when you are all done!

  1. Ice Painting

Homemade color dyed ice-cubes are a great way for your infant to paint! Just grab a thick piece of paper and watch what magical creation your child creates swirling the melting cubes!

Now it’s your turn to give it a try with your young one! Which one are you going to start on first? Tag us in your fun crafting photos!


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