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The Benefits of Color in Child Development

Apr 27, 2021 | Child Development

Why do we focus so much on colors here at Brass-n-Sassy? Because research shows that they’re integral to children’s development, and can have a huge impact on growth and overall mood. We believe that introducing your child to a wide range of colors and patterns at an early age will benefit them greatly.

How Color Aids in Child Development

Babies are born with monochrome vision, and therefore are not reactionary to colors. At about eight months, their color vision is now developed, and at this point bright colors can stimulate their minds. Continuous exposure helps to develop their recognition and distinguishment of different shades. Exposing babies to a variety of shades of the same color can help them to make color connections at an early age, and so it’s beneficial to not just present them with the same primary colors over and over (we’re looking at you blue).

Patterns have been shown to have incredible benefits as well, providing visual and cognitive stimulation which causes kids to really focus on what they’re seeing. Patterns teach children to make predictions because they understand what will come next. They also help kids learn to make logical connections and use reasoning.

The ability to recognize and name colors is incredibly useful in many of life’s situations. For example, recognizing red as a sign for danger or stopping, which is incredibly important at traffic stops. Even simpler situations, such as knowing the difference between the red and blue colored tap for hot and cold water. Understanding colors also assists with creative writing skills, as this can be one of their first introductions to adjectives. When using their imagination, color also plays a key role in description and creating imagery.

Impacts of Specific Colors

Each color can also have an impact on mood and emotions in a different way, and surrounding 

yourself and your child with certain colors at specific times can be very beneficial. 

  • Red: Promotes feelings of passion. Can evoke strong feelings of love, but can also be seen as threatening. Often good to use interspersed with other colors, to draw attention to details.
  • Orange: Can enhance critical thinking and memory skills. Some even say this color promotes spiritual connection, and is good for mindfulness.
  • Yellow: Can promote happiness, as it’s associated with sunshine. Can lift the mood and bring excitement. Can draw their attention easily, but in excess can be overstimulating.
  • Green: Encourages connection with nature, and is a very calming color. The eye actually focuses the color green directly on the retina, making it the least straining on the eyes.
  • Blue: Encourages creativity, and cool blue tones enhance relaxation. If overused, can bring the mood down. Blue is also said to be the least appetizing color, so if you’ve got a picky eater, maybe avoid those blue plates!
  • Purple: Invokes feelings of mystery. An attention grabbing color, and one that often promotes the imagination.

Activities Focused on Colors

To incorporate more color into your child’s life, there are so many fun activities and tools to help promote their curiosity. 

Color eye-spy, color-matching memory games, or colored flashcards are always thought-provoking and educational games for children to enjoy. A fun game during the daytime is to trace shadows on the ground using colored chalk, and watch how they move throughout the day with the sun. 

Painting and coloring are of course wonderful ways to encourage creativity, whilst also helping to develop fine motor skills. A thought-provoking activity is to have kids create their own personal flag. They can draw shapes, patterns, and use as many colors as they like to create something that represents themselves. For activities like these, our Brat Mats are the perfect table or floor cover. Allow your child to go to town with the markers and crayons, without worrying about getting marks on the floor!

For young children, introducing color through toys is wonderful. Building blocks, toy cars, and other fun and colorful characters are great for introducing varieties of different shades and hues. Even food can be fun! Make a colorful rainbow veggie tray for their next snack time with peppers, carrots, and broccoli. And don’t forget the Sassy Bibs!

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