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Spring Activities for Kids

Feb 23, 2021 | Activities

Spring is around the corner! With warmer weather approaching, it’s the perfect time to get the kids out of the house and exploring nature. A nature hunt bingo is the perfect way to do just that!

You can write or draw a bingo sheet yourself, filled with the signs of spring commonly found in your neighbourhood, or find a free printable sheet online like this one from Bitz & Giggles. Once you have enough sheets for the whole crew, it’s time to play! Grab your rubber boots and hit the trails to try to find as many spring things as possible. Make sure to bring markers or bingo dabbers to mark found items on your sheets or use stickers for an extra rewarding adventure!

You and your kids will enjoy the quality time together in the fresh air while learning about nature! Nurture their curiosity and create a more in-depth learning experience by discussing the things you find and asking lots of questions. Try to find as many varieties of each item as possible!

Rainy weather? If you would rather stay indoors, try a free spring bingo coloring sheet from Crayola instead (just search “Spring Bingo” on the Crayola website)! Set up your kids with a variety of bingo sheets and coloring materials (and keep your floors clean with your Brat Mat!) and let them create their own masterpiece to play with. For your part, cut out the individual squares and place them in a container to be pulled one at a time. When everyone has finished their sheet, get ready to BINGO! Like the outdoor game, the items on the sheets can be used to start conversations about springtime marvels, as well as creating excitement to go outside whenever the sun is shining again! 


Whether inside or out and about Brass-n-Sassy products make it easy to keep the mess contained, and easy to clean! Check out our sets where you get a bib and mat for one great price!


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