About Us:

We aspire to create fun, fashionable products while contributing back to society.

My dear friend Melissa Stamper died at the early age of 37, after a long hard struggle with ovarian cancer. Melissa and I were as close as sisters for over 20 years. Anyone that knew Melissa would say that she was a complete optimist, largely in part to her wonderful supportive family. She faced many obstacles in her short life and always seemed to take them on with a smile.

In 2007, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This was after months of battling with doctors that insisted she only had a general cyst. Melissa knew something was wrong and kept persisting that the doctors further investigate. After almost a year, she finally found a doctor that agreed to do a biopsy. It was determined that the cyst was malignant. Melissa went through several surgeries, chemo and radiation. All the efforts and treatment were not enough to beat this terrible disease.

I want to dedicate Brass-n-Sassy to Melissa B. Stamper. Melissa loved children and desperately wanted to be a mom. She was always my cheerleader and rallied around every off the wall idea I had. She, like myself loved color, patterns and clothes. A portion of profits will be contributed to the Ovarian Cancer Society in her name. Hopefully, together we can find a cure for this disease.